"Justice Not Politics"

About John K. O'Hara

John K. O'Hara

A lifelong Brooklynite, graduated from Long Island University and CUNY Law School in 1987. John drove a taxi cab at night through College and Law School and volunteered to serve on his Community Board, chairing both the Youth Services and Economic Development Committees.

John O’Hara was wrongfully convicted for “illegal voting.” He spent over 20 years challenging that conviction in the Courts, realizing that until the corrupt District Attorney Joe Hynes was removed from office, justice would never prevail. John worked on getting Hynes out and succeeded. Hynes abuse of power became so widespread and well known that he became the first sitting District Attorney to be defeated in New York in over 100 years.

The new District Attorney, Ken Thompson, investigated John’s prosecution and on January 12, 2017, after spending twenty years as a convicted felon, John K. O’Hara was exonerated.

As an attorney John volunteered to help exonerate people that were wrongly convicted ultimately succeeding freeing David McCallum who spent over 30 years in prison for a double homicide that he did not commit. John fought Nursing Home abuse and exposed the plight of Judge John L. Phillips, also persecuted by District Attorney Joe Hynes for political purposes.

The biggest factor in judging character is not talent, title, wealth or appearance. It’s Grit. A leader will face challenges, failures, and roadblocks. Grit keeps you moving forward through the sting of adversity and failure, until you reach the goal you want.

That’s the character we need in a Judge. Knowing what you truly want and persevere till you achieve it. That’s why we need John K. O’Hara as a Civil Court Judge in Brooklyn.

Democrat for

Civil Court Judge

Primary on

September 12th, 2017

General Election on

November 7th, 2017